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When it comes to interviewing, practice makes perfect. The following is a list of the ten most common questions asked during an interview and how to answer them. Role play your answers with a family member or friend, say your answers out loud and practice until you are comfortable responding to the questions. Showing you are prepared will get you one step closer to a job offer.

Tell me about yourself.

Talk about traits you possess that would be an asset to the job you are applying for. What are the characteristics that best describe you? What skills have you acquired that have helped you personally and professionally? What are your hobbies? The employer wants to see if your personality is a good fit for the company. Make your traits work for you.

frequently asked interview questions

What do you know about the company?

Do your homework. Make sure you know about the company and what they stand for. What is the company’s philosophy? How does their philosophy match yours? The employer wants to know why you want to work for them and what you have to offer. Impress the employer by being prepared.

Why did you leave your last job?

Talk about wanting to use your past experiences enter a new field. Never bad mouth a former boss, and always turn negatives into positives. Instead of saying “I wasn’t challenged,” say “I have acquired many skills at my last job and now I am ready for a new challenge to help a company expand.” The employer wants to know what you can offer the company. Be honest, but always turn negatives into positives.

Tell me about how you handled a difficult situation at work.

In this situation, they want to know how you focused on the client, maintained composure and worked as a team to quickly rectify the situation.  Give an example of a situation that happened where you used your confidence and positive attitude to help the company achieve its goals.

What experiences do you have doing___ (fill in the blank.)

Make sure you have the education and experience to do the job you are applying for. If there’s something you don’t know, say it, but also say you are a quick learner and welcome a challenge. Use examples to prove you welcome new opportunities for growth.

What questions do you have for me?

Always have a few questions ready to show you are serious about wanting to know more about the company and your duties. Some good questions include “What is a typical day like for someone in this position?” “Are there advancement opportunities for employees?” and “What are the most important skills to succeed in this position?” Decide what’s most important to you and then ask those questions.

Knowing how you’re going to answer the above questions will help you feel more confident and comfortable at the job interview. That will go a long way in making a lasting impression on the employer.

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